Welcome to NZ Coal & Carbon Ltd

NZCC encompasses the mining companies ROA Mining Company Ltd and Francis Mining Co. Ltd. Our mining operations are based on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. Having conducted business since 1982 we have extensive history and experience in both exploration and mining.

ROA Mining Company Ltd operates our ROA Mine renowned for its premium hard coking coal. For more information on Roa Mining Company Ltd click here.

Francis Mining Co Ltd operates our Echo Mine, an opencast mine producing low ash semi-soft coking coal. For more information on Francis Mining Co. Ltd click here.

The primary markets of our coal are specialty and metallurgical coke producers. The unique nature of our coals offer possibilities for end-users looking for a reactive, low sulphur and ash, and high carbon content hard coking coal.

With coal resources to last more than 100 years and other coal related opportunities, such as coal seam gas (CSG), we are well placed for continued development and future growth.

We are proud supporters and contributors to the communities and conservation lands in which we operate. One of the projects supported by us is the Paparoa Great Spotted Kiwi (Roroa) Recovery Project, through the Paparoa Wildlife Trust and the Bois Gentil (meaning forest friendly) Kiwi Creche.